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Community Service

The Community Service Department strives to provide information and develop programs and reporting tools to encourage participation in community service projects while promoting the sharing of ideas and working with others and additionally recognizing both Grange members and non-members alike for making a difference in their communities, state, nation, and world.

I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody. --Lily Tomlin


2024 KSG Community Service Program

National Grange Community Service Programs

Junior Grange

Junior Grange is a program for children ages 5-14. Community involvement and personal growth are the core principles of Junior Grange. These values are expressed through fun and educational activities which aid each child to reach their full potential. 

2024 National Junior Grange Program Book


The Lecturer is an elected office of the Grange and sometimes referred to as the Program Director. Their role is to plan programs containing educational, inspirational, entertaining, musical, and recreational components at Grange meetings and other events.


The Lecturer also conducts contests that provide members the opportunity to express their ideas, thoughts, and talents, as well as develop their leadership potential.


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KSG Lecturer's Program Book

National Lecturer Contests


For nearly 150 years, the Grange has worked to improve the lives of Rural Americans all across our great nation. Our Legislative Department works hard to bring America’s farmers, ranchers and other rural residents the resources they require to stay current and competitive in today’s ever-changing global and local economies. The United States has the safest, most efficient and abundant food supply on earth and the National Grange is dedicated to preserving that incredible status. In addition to protecting the state of our agricultural sector, the Grange works on a host of issues affecting Rural America including Rural Broadband, Rural Healthcare, Postal Reform, and Agricultural Education.


A dedicated nonpartisan grassroots organization since 1867, all Grange policy begins in our 2,100 local Grange chapters and works its way up to National where our dedicated National Grange Legislative Department works to implement these goals and values at the federal level in Washington, DC.

National Grange Legislative Department

Youth and Young Adults

Full voting membership in the Grange begins at age 14, and unlike many organizations, youth members are never separated from the Grange at large. Grange Youth can hold offices and vote in every issue.


In addition to being a full member, the Grange also offers programs to members ages 14-21 (Youth) and ages (22-36) Young Adults. Programs and contests are designed to encourage leadership development, public speaking, personal growth, community service, and education.

2024 National Youth and Young Adult Program Book

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